Blocking By Country

There are times when you’ll want to limit access and block whole countries. Why? Because there are times when it’s necessary.

Here’s a script that builds a script….

It downloads the IP ranges from, works through a list of two letter country codes to create a bash script that will:

Delete an existing iptables chain.
Creates a new chain “BadCountry”.
Adds this to the top of the INPUT chain to pass anything on port 80 to the BadCountry chain.
Adds all the IP blocks in the relevant countries to the BadCountry chain with a reject/unreachable.

Feel free to adapt it to your needs.

(Oh, and you can also call the script with the parameter undo and it’ll delete the chain.)



if [ "${PARAM}" == "undo" ] ; then

  iptables -D INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j BadCountry
  iptables --flush BadCountry
  iptables -X BadCountry


  echo $(date) IP Blocking GLOBAL START
  #First call ourselves to undo (delete the chain)
  ${0} undo

  #This is where the executable script that does the table update will live.

  #Change this to a folder you can write to
  cd /root/ipblocks
  #and delete any zone file tar/zip files  
  rm -f all-zones.tar.*

  echo $(date) Download Countries START

  wget ""

  tar -zxvf all-zones.tar.gz > /dev/null

  echo $(date) Download Countries FINISH

  echo $(date) Build Countries START

  echo "#!/bin/bash" > ${TABLESCRIPT}

  echo "iptables -N BadCountry" >> ${TABLESCRIPT}

  echo "iptables -I INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j BadCountry" >> ${TABLESCRIPT}

  echo "iptables -A BadCountry -j RETURN" >> ${TABLESCRIPT}

  for COUNTRY in hk cn in id kr my ph tw th vn pk ; do
    awk {'print "iptables -I BadCountry -s "$1" -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-port-unreachable"'} ${COUNTRY}.zone >> ${TABLESCRIPT}

  echo $(date) Build Countries FINISH

  echo $(date) Updating iptables START

  #Make our script executable
  chmod 700 ${TABLESCRIPT}

  #And now execute it

  echo $(date) Updating iptables FINISH

# Elvis Has Left The Server.

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